Friday, August 29, 2008

Quote: Don't Trample The Smallest Work of Grace in Anyone

Busy in Alexandria... Here's a great quote for you to ponder.

The Jews would not willingly tread upon the smallest piece
of paper in their way, but took it up; for possibly, they say,
the name of God may be on it. Though there was a little
superstition in this, yet truly there is nothing but good
religion in it, if we apply it to men. Trample not on any;
there may be some work of grace there, that thou knowest not
of. The name of God may be written upon that soul thou
treadest on; it may be a soul that Christ thought so much of,
as to give His precious blood for it; therefore despise it

S. T. Coleridge (1772-1834), Aids to Reflection, "Moral and Religious Aphorisms," XXVIII [1825]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to Alexandria, Egypt

My apologies, again, to those of you who check in here from time to time. I'm back on the road again and with little internet access. I'm off to Alexandria, Egypt and I'll be back middle of next week. I hope to start posting more then.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The First Week Back in Dubai

We returned to Dubai just 7 days ago. Whenever I return to the US I notice things in Dubai... first impressions all over again. Here's what has stood out to me despite the the mental haze that jet-lag creates.

1. It's really hot and extremely humid here. (Yes, worse than Memphis or Houston)
2. You need sunglasses here. The sun is blinding.
3. So many things are white or beige... buildings, sand, etc. (see point #2 above)
4. So many nationalities.
5. Traffic is so awful you avoid driving whenever possible.
6. Construction and cranes as far as the eye can see.
7. The newspaper is full of advertisements... almost as much ad space as newscopy.
8. You become more aware of world events - like the recent death of a famous Palestinian poet or the murder of a famous Lebanese singer in Dubai.
9. It's really hot and extremely humid. (Did I say that already? :)

I'm glad to be back though... Marhaba Dubai!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Old Testament Cartoon

Almost home to Dubai... just a few more days. And in the meantime I'll throw you a odd piece of humor with a Bible trivia twist.

This cartoon is from Mike Peters and it's titled Mother Goose and Grimm. Here is his website. Go check it out.

The cartoon below is an obvious reference to America's judicial branch resistance to public postings of the Ten Commandments. Numerous places have ruled it to be unconstitutional because it favors one religion over another. The cartoon below obviously includes Moses and Pharaoh of Egypt.

But here's the trivia twist... Can you tell me in what way this cartoon misrepresents Biblical history?

Let me know what you think in the comment section.