Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now Serving... two "fresh slices" of 1 Peter!

My apologies for the delay. I've been traveling in the Western Hemisphere...

1 Peter 2:4-10
Home Away from Home

1 Peter 2:11-3:7
An Honourable Lifestyle

Sunday, June 11, 2006

1 Peter 1:13-2:3 ... How to Live Overseas

New sermon posted. How to live overseas. It's the third in the series. I only am posting one file this time. It's about 14mb so it's halfway in between the size of the others I've posted before.

How to Live Overseas
1 Peter 1:13-2:3

Take it to heart...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Sermon Series Started! - 1 Peter

My pastor has just started a new sermon series on 1 Peter. It's great teaching... click on the links and download to listen on your computer or to put on your mp3 player.

You Were Chosen for this Assignment
1 Peter 1:1-2 (mono ~10mb)
1 Peter 1:1-2 (stereo ~20mb)

Retirement Benefits
1 Peter 1:3-12 (mono)
1 Peter 1:3-12 (stereo)


p.s. If you just want to listen to it on the computer simply click the link. If you want to download and save it for later or to put on your mp3 player... then right click and chose "save link as...". It will then begin to download to your computer. It may take 5-10 minutes depending on your connection speed. Leave me comments if you're having trouble.